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Who Are The Best Pool Builders in Nashville, Gallatin, Hendersonville, Tennessee Reviews Ratings

Local Swimming Pool Contractors & Builders In Middle Tennessee

Who are the best pool builders in Middle Tennessee?

The process of buying and installing a pool should be taken seriously. Avoid headaches by finding the best pool builder in your area that has experience with the kind of pool you want built.

It’s smart to get a few quotes, once you know the right questions to ask while vetting the best pool builders in your area. Reviews and rating are a great way to find the best pool builder near you.

Whenever we’re talking to new friends or customers, we try to educate them on the pool buying process before the get quotes on a new pool. When you have the best information at hand, you can make smart choices and get the pool of your dreams without crying through the installation process.

In the spirit of education, here are some reputable in-ground pool companies with experience in Nashville, Gallatin, Hendersonville, Franklin, White House, and greater Middle Tennessee region.

Note that most pool contractors work regionally.  If you find someone that’s a good fit, they’ll be able to build your new pool within an hour or two drive of your home.

  1. Bloom Outdoor Pools: Located in Franklin, TN, Bloom Pools has been in business about 11 years.  They specialize in Concrete ‘gunite’ pool construction. The owner Nicholas Buchholz built concrete pools in Arizona prior to moving back to TN.
  2. Fox Pools & Spas: Located on Main Street in Hendersonville, TN, Fox Pools has been in business since 1971.  They sell Fox in-ground pools, vinyl liners, Maax spas, chemicals, and accessories.
  3. Family Leisure Pools: Family Leisure has 9 locations throughout the Midwest, with one location in Nashville.  They offer in ground and above ground pools, spas, hot tubs, and outdoor furniture.
  4. Hutch Pools: Located in White House, TN they offer repair & maintenance, pool design, installation, and they have a retail store for chemicals, accessories, and supplies.  They’ve been around for 40 years serving middle Tennessee and southern middle Kentucky.
  5. Standing Stone Pools: Founded by William Lee Kellow in 1953, Standing Stone is a general contractor, in addition to being a pool builder.  They specialize in exposed aggregate pools, firepits, fireplaces, Spas and outdoor living spaces.

There are lots of other pool companies located near Nashville, but these should give you a head start in reviewing your pool installers.

Here are some resource pages to guide you along the process of finding the best pool builders:


Keep in mind that each company you meet might only specialize in a certain type of pool.  The ‘big 3’ styles are:

  1. Concrete, normally called ‘gunite’ in the pool business
  2. Vinyl Liner, with a steel back wall or frame
  3. Fiberglass pools

The best pool builders of concrete (gunite) pools, have the best Nozzlemen.  The nozzleman is the person who shoots and controls the gunite mixture through a hose to form the pool.

Shooting gunite is an art form.  If the nozzleman doesn’t do this right, the pool won’t be right. Concrete pools give you the widest design choices for shapes and sizes. If you can draw it, you can build it.

Vinyl liner / steel wall pools come in many shapes and sizes too.  They’re more customizeable than Fiberglass, but have their quirks as well.

Fiberglass pools are pre-formed and ready to install once the backyard is prepared to receive them.  Modern fiberglass pools come in many sizes and shapes.

The widest fiberglass pools are 16′ wide, since they’re shipped on the highway.  New fiberglass pools from quality manufacturers like Thursday Pools and Trilogy pools come in dozens of shapes with your choice of color options.

If you’re wondering which style pool is the best for you, contact us, or come by our pool shop and take a guided tour of all the options available to you.