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Pool Refinishing with Ecofinish AquaBRIGHT Polymer Finish

Pool Renovation

Is your pool old and ugly? Did you buy a home with a pool that needs TLC? A pool with cracks or chipped and peeling chunks is an eyesore you don’t want in your back yard. Today’s technology has come long way from the days of painting a pool surface with rubberized paint.  Today we have Ecofinishtm

AquaBright Pool Coatings

aquaBRIGHTtm is a polymer surface coating that permanently seals and protects your pool. Gone are the days of expensive plaster coating or weak rubberized paint used to refinish pools.

Benefits of aquaBRIGHT

Swim World Pools is an authorized Ecofinish dealer

Over the past 40 years we’ve refinished hundreds of pool in Tennessee. Our professionally trained and experienced project teams will complete your pool renovation quickly, and meet your exact specifications. Let’s turn that ugly pool into the crown jewel of your backyard.

Renovation Gallery

View a portfolio of renovation projects we’ve crafted in Tennessee for discerning owners like you.

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Renovation Resources

Visit our store in Gallatin and see what a pool renovation project means. We’ll explain the pros and cons, and arm you with the best options for your home.

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Ecofinish Facebook Video

Swim World’s Facebook page have more pictures and videos of aquaBRIGHT coatings being applied to a Fiberglass pool surface.

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