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Pool safety training for you and your family: The final piece when building a new pool

Watch: Home Pool Safety Course from FirstCare CPR and Swim World Pools.

Pool Safety Training with Swim World Pools and First Care CPR

We all agree ensuring the safety of our family is our most important goal. At Swim World Pools, ensuring the safety of every family that we’ve had the honor of building for is our most important goal. 

Swim World Pools knows this new investment in your home and your family’s entertainment will be everything you dreamed it would be. We are confident you will have summers of fun while being able to stay together as a family. We also acknowledge as, with anything in life, there are inherent risks.

With this in mind Swim World Pools has partnered with First Care CPR to provide training to minimize the risks inherent in pool ownership. As a Swim World family, at no cost to you, we will send First Care to your home at your convenience to provide poolside safety information and to instruct you in CPR & AED techniques.

This training is a series of videos and hands-on techniques to provide skills and knowledge that will help your family reduce risks factors and to feel comfortable with life-saving skills.

Click on the image below to watch a video of the home training course in action:

Watch: Essential CPR and AED Safety training in your own home by First Care CPR, brought to you by Swim World Pools.

CPR and AED Course Outline

The training includes eight modules.  Modules 1-2 and 5-8 (bolded) are the topics Swim World and First Care believe are most relevant to pool ownership. Modules 3 & 4 (italics) are topics that, while important, may be covered with or without First Care CPR’s presence:

Module 1: Drowning Risk Awareness

Module 2: Water Safety in Pools

Module 3: Safety in Open Water

Module 4: How to chose a Lifejacket

Module 5: Supervision & Recognizing Drowning

Module 6: How to Rescue

Module 7: CPR & Rescue Breathing

Module 8: Other Risks

Please use the contact form below and select “Pool Safety & CPR/AED Training” from the drop-down menu to get in touch with us and make arrangements for you and your family’s safety training.

At Swim World Pools, We Sell Fun and care enough to teach safety.